Sparky's Snack Shop in Skokie, Illinois is a family owned diner serving breakfast and lunch for over 30 years. It has a contemporary 1950s feel and look which gives it its charm. What makes Sparky's very special to visit is its open grill feature. As soon as you walk into the diner, you can see Gus cooking on the grill. Always with a smile, Gus welcomes every customer with a warm smile and a hello. You have the option of sitting on a bar stool on the counter or in the next room on a booth or table.  If you can not find what you want on the menu, Gus is willing to fix your meal to your liking. A fun fact, the Mexican Steak and Mexican Chicken meals are delicious creations from customers. Every meal is cooked fresh to order on the open grill in front of customers. No other restaurant can compare to the environment of Sparky's!

Sparky's Snack Shop
 · 3624 Oakton St · Skokie, IL 60076 · (847) 673-1002
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